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I remember this from years ago!
It's still good!

Hey Dude!

Not bad!
The story was a little predictable but over all it was good.
The animation was a little too "tweened" for my taste but everything fits together nicely. You need to normalize the audio in this to make everything sound better. If you need a hand animating any of this series give me a yell!


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Shadowii2 responds:

Haha, thanks!
And I'm slowly getting my hands on the animation style that is mix of FBF and tweening, which I'll probably start to use more in future.
Heh, yeah, my audio normalizings just don't work most of the time so the voices change a lot between quiet and noisy.

But thanks for the criticism there!

Hit and Miss

Not bad, Brings back memories

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One of the few sprite films that are good

I have liked the series so far and it showa aome massive potential. How ever it would be nice to see some custom fight animations that don't rely on tweens and with some new character moves. Email me some time if you want an example of some custom sprite animations.

What can I say?

Loved it on Sheezy and loved it here!

Hmmmmmm I

liked Balloony as it had a bit more humor but anyways whats with brits and guinness anyways? Aussie Beer is much better and stronger!
Love Hampo!

Wonchop responds:

Gotta go with what I know and what I know is...erm...B3n likes Guinness...yo

Hmmmmmm Damn you all!

An OK collab but i have a request.... next time you make one give me a call. I want to start colabing more and some of my friends were in this one.

Not bad

No music colabs are cool so yeah............................... see you around Sheezyart!!!

I can't wait

Don't listen to Rubber_Ninja, I thought it was good. He probably doesn't know what comes later in the novel. Keep up the good work!

Brought a tear to my eye....

Absolutly beautiful

Hey There! I am an animator from down under [amongst other things] and I want to be your friend. I'm always working on animations and want to be in more collabs. Send me a message and we'll talk sometime!

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